Vitiated Existence

by Cerebus

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released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Cerebus Chesapeake, Virginia

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Track Name: Sinister, Sickening Machine (Ft. Graham Hall)
So much sadness
I wish it was at least passive
Because whenever I take action
It seems that my heart gets blackened

Satisfaction shaming fascists,
Creating problems on the planet
Reminds me of an accident
That screwed my head so there's a dent in it

My wrists stopped bleeding
As soon as I found a reason for breathing
It's okay
I wish my heart would stop beating
So I could silence this voice inside screaming

Everything seems so serene on this roof
I want to jump but I never do

Eventually this bullet will find a way in my head
It would be he best painkiller
So if I die from an injection of lead
Remember that I was better off dead

Sinister machines try and bleed out the pain
They claim it's the freedom that shames our name
Nothing we can't gain
On our own it's amazing

Could grace save my soul?
Would anyone care to make me whole?
My heart's getting old because of this hole
There's no use living for the world is too cold
Track Name: Double-Bagged
Breeding disease and deceit, believing lies spawning grief
The precious swine crawls out of her hole to feed
Spread out for all the world to please

This vile and wretched whore is a cemetery for our seed
All of her holes are open sores lubricated to violate. Let's watch her bleed
So many cuts up and down her arm unlike train tracks they came in groups of three
Her filthy rotting cunt is a hole that could swallow all the seven seas

Moaning and groaning, Could you ever say no?
Sorry doesn't cut it. You said you were stoned.
Guilt reeking creature, all you do is ruin homes.
Like every used up slut you will die alone

Bleeding and deceiving is this vagina trap
Having faith and morals, this girl lacks
Is it a hole for comfort Set up like an attack?
Since her daddy left, maybe this will bring him back

Treacherous harlot

I can't believe I fell for every lie
Especially the one between your thighs
You couldn't keep a list of all the guys
If you tracked them down one by one till you die

Sluts get cuts
I'm writing letters with this knife
Into your soft pale skin
Soul saturated with sin
You will never make it as a wife
You will want to end your life
No love in that cold dark heart
Nowhere close to the light
Slitting your throat sounds better than your moan
Cut up in pieces no one will find you in my home

Raped by thousands, let's let this wench grieve
Covered in enough body fluids, she continues to bleed
Sad society encourages her to deceive

Open up your chest so you can breathe
Track Name: One-Armed Hug (Ft. Zaya Flory)
I see a man broken and humble
With eyes rolled back
For his sick child his hands fumble
Energy and motivation is what he lacks

Doesn't it hurt when your son can't understand?
Wait for his autism to expire
His other son lacks a hand as well as the arm below the elbow
Their father is too caring to just feel sorry
With eyes rolled back, he stares at his challenged son
With a hand in his pocket, he holds his one armed son
Such tragedy he puts on his shoulders
Too busy trying to understand

His daughter has no one to hold her
His son stares in to space
Blank stare
Empty face

Eventually that girl will start to cut
Just like all the other girls when she grows up
Because her brothers are different
It seems their souls are stuck x2

Out of his hands
Without love these kids can't stand

Put on a fake smile
It's not about you
These children need love
And they have plenty, with their eyes rolled back
I'm loving you with a hand in my pocket
Can't ever climb a ladder
Can't get any sadder
Eventually that man will throw you away
Track Name: Skylight
Appreciate life because it seems devoid of all that's pleasant
No hope on this earth
We don't deserve a savior
So what if god skipped over our planet
And just ignored us instead of damning it
What is the point of living in a civilization when we refuse to be civilized?
What is the point of living when we condone abortions and devalue life?
I refuse to follow the grain
I refuse to drown in shame
I refuse to wallow in self conceited filth and indulge my brain in self inflicted pain
It keeps me sane
Ask yourself why you breathe
Ask yourself how can you allow us to bleed
We are a machine that is fueled by greed
Death is a doorway
And sorrow is heavens gates
I'd pass through both of them
After this bullet enters my brain
We don't deserve a savior
Failure of a race
We all deserve the worst
To be plagued be eternal hurt
So I'll kick the chair underneath my feet
And scream for all that I'm worth